My TLPD Story

originally posted on 12-26-16


We’ll start with the release of wrath of the lich king. In 2008 I was living with a friend in Brooklyn. He had been playing WoW from its initial release, and I had never touched it. He convinced me to join, although I admit I didn’t put up much of a fight. I made a rogue. I got hooked.

Upon reaching 55 I instantly started a dk (frost) and loved it. If I remember correctly at some point unholy was the dw spec then. Somewhere between starting my dk and hitting 80 I moved out of that apartment and then a few months later took few years off of WoW during a period of life re-evaluation.

When I resubbed in maybe 2010-11 ish (honestly I don’t remember) that dk was still sitting at 80 and parked in the storm peaks. I found myself remembering that I loved the snow and was mesmerized by all these blue drakes, until I came across a large different looking blue elite for the first time: Vyragosa. At this point I wasn’t all too concerned with hunting elites or achievements, or even mounts, but naturally I thought “maybe she drops some good loot.” I took her down after a little bit of a fight (remember I was still a technically fresh 80) and then consulted the Internet to see what she was all about.

That’s when I found out about Time-lost. Not a crazy ton of (accurate) information had been gathered at that point, he was more like a ghost, a dark whisper of a truth, an urban legend. But people had come across him in the storm peaks, and he dropped a mount, and I decided I would give it a go.

The first week was awful and it was admittedly 100% my fault. I hadn’t done the proper research so I wasn’t aware of any elite scanning add-ons so I parked myself in between the engine of the makers and the  brunnhildar spawn spot because one recurring piece of information was that he’d been spotted there amongst the blue drakes. I lost sleep. I lost track of time. My friends got worried. Anyone who did this years ago remember the spawn timers were a ton worse then, but I didn’t know enough about how and when it spawned, only that it shared a timer with Vyragosa. I thought “there has to be a better way to do this.” I discovered NPCScan and kept at it. The end of my second week of camping rolled around. I had seen Vyragosa maybe 5 times total in that time frame, but in her and tlpds defence, I wasn’t camping smartly. Without realizing it, I was out there around 3 weeks. My eyes burned constantly. I started to feel sick.

I thought again, “there HAS to be a better way to do this.” I started wondering if my time would’ve been better spent leveling. I doubted I would ever see it. Then it happened. I logged in one night and NPCScan went off. Those drums and that blaring horn. My heart jumped. I stopped breathing. I immediately mounted and it took me 3 seconds before I found it…dead. While discouraging, that to me was at least a sign that  this damn thing was real. I was so annoyed I couldn’t even be angry.

I found a very very resourceful website (ponds) that gave me a ton of information that was extremely valuable. Armed with an arsenal of new information and newfound optimism, I reset myself and geared up for another round. I knew my spawn points, I knew the approximate spawn timers, I knew not to trust a damn soul out there in that snowy tomb. The next 2 weeks were just as bad, with the exception that I killed Vyragosa at least 10+ times (I lost my notebook where I was logging these kills), wished I was hunter so I could’ve tamed skoll (I think his spawn timer was much shorter then, and now that I have a hunter, haven’t bothered to get him lol) and only saw the tlpd once – I relogged…directly on his corpse. No lie. By the end of what was basically the second month, I gave up. In 2013 I quit WoW. My Vyragosa kills count was at least over 20 at that point.

When legion rolled around I resubbed. I was enjoying things (and really disliking some things), but it wasn’t until I had to venture to the storm peaks to get titanstrike on my hunter that I started to wonder about tlpd again. Just seeing “the storm peaks” flash across my screen made me gag just slightly. But things had changed now. Mounts were now account wide and I had come across a few people riding him since resubbing. Group tagging had also been implemented, making group spawn point camping an even more viable and useful way to do it. On top of that, the spawn timers had been decreased. Lots of changes.

So I parked my dk in the storm peaks (mainly because I was focusing on leveling my hunter and my rogue in the broken isles) at a spawn point – brunnhildar. Brunnhildar village was the place where during my last excursion years go I had logged the most Vyragosa kills. Every night at odd hours I’d log into the dk just the survey the scene – see who was in the area and willing to share information. I met quite a few fellow campers, and shared camping stories. I decided I would get this thing, but not at the cost of my health.

I met a fellow camper who had been out there around 4-5 days. I told him my story and gave him one name to change his world: Silverdragon. He told me that, like me, he had been camping out there off and on for around 3 years and he wanted to get it even if it killed him. His reignited my desire for the damn thing. Within a few hours of that session Vyragosa spawned and was killed. We kind of silently understood to meet back there at our respective spawn points and start the clocks again. This continued on for another 3 days. We brought people into our group whenever we were there. People came and went. But we stayed vigilant and held our ground.

12/26/2016, 5:30am EST. I’m sitting at brunnhildar, another person we brought into our group was out bors breath, my trusty camping partner at waterfall. It had just about reached the 7 hours since last Vyragosa spawn time. About 15 minutes earlier I had said around 5:30 I’m calling it a night. I was remembering why I stopped camping in the first place. Then in group chat I read it: “IT’S HERE / COME QUICK OMG.” Nothing can prepare you for that. You go over your rules, how to make sure everyone gets a tag in, but when it’s happening you panic. It was our newest recruit at bors breath (a spot that is reported to be the most common spawn spot go figure). My heart stopped. I immediately took off in his direction. I think he may have been in shock too because when I caught up to him and the tlpd they were right past valkyrion heading towards ulduar. We both tagged him and then my heart stopped a second time. I realized my faithful camping partner, the guy with undying optimism, was afk. I panicked the second time. Was he asleep? Something? We didn’t know. We typed frantically in group chat. We werent sure what to do, but we knew we didn’t have much time. We had to make a split second group decision. He was still AFK. There were others bearing down on us. I’m pretty sure neither of us were breathing. So we took it down. We looted, we celebrated, but in the back of my mind I felt completely awful and a touch guilty for my camping friend. Despite that, I still got my MOTHER F*CKING TIME-LOST PROTO DRAKE! So to those who are still camping, don’t give up, get a group together, and take care of yourself out there.


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