TLPD Update

originally posted on 1-2-17


I had been camping the TLPD with two friends for quite some time now, even though on 12/26/16 I had gotten mine. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I knew it was my duty to help them get theirs. After all, I never would have really started camping it again had it not been for their passion and reigniting my desire for the TLPD.

On 1/1/17 at around maybe 11:10-11:15 pm I joined their group. It was the same two I had been camping with before, plus another (brother of the guy who fell asleep – if you read my earlier post about me getting my TLPD). I parked myself at the Ulduar spawn spot and started joking around. This was a group full of souls who had been demoralized by this conquest many times, and when camping with them I always tried to keep the mood light.

It took maybe 15 minutes for something to spawn.

Even though I already had it, when Silverdragon started blaring and I saw “Time-Lost Proto Drake,” I jumped out of my seat. I smiled and inside let out a huge sigh and a whoop of excitement. I could read it in my groups chat, they were stunned. They had been determined, they had their hearts broken more than twice, they were losing their grip on sanity, but on this new years day, their patience and dedication would pay off – they truly deserved this feat.

There was screaming, there was cursing, there was crying, there were boyfriends who weren’t even playing taking over to congratulate us, there was celebrating. It was a glorious sight. My favorite statement of the night: “ILY GUYS NO HOMO.”

I knew how they felt. Frozen in excitement and not even sure how to handle the situation. Your adrenaline is pumping like a shot directly into your bloodstream, and you can hardly believe you finally achieved what you set out to do. You’re shaking and a combination of ecstatic, but numb. It’s a beautiful feeling. What a way to start the new year, and now we can finally all leave The Storm Peaks behind. I was very proud to be able to witness this event, and be part of a group so dedicated. Camping the TLPD has brought me unlikely friends, and for them I will always be grateful and remember our accomplishment (I really think blizzard should add a feat of strength for getting the tlpd)

So if you’re still camping or plan on camping the TLPD, I wish you luck and godspeed, drop me a line if you need advice, words of encouragement, or want to share your story.


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