You Have To Admit When You’re Wrong 

My Dark Knight – Alyxstraszia

Yesterday I wrote a not too complimentary post about Black Desert Online‘s Dark Knight class. After posting it and sitting at my computer with BDO booted up I sat at my character selection screen for a few minutes before deciding I hadn’t really given her a fair shake of things. 

I logged into my DK, who was sitting idle at Glish, opened up her abilities and looked over everything. The first thing I did was look up a Dark Knight PvE guide. Like every other class, she has so many different abilities, and unlike other MMO’s where you’re handed the keys complete with a full tank and a full set of instructions, BDO shows you everything, but tells you nothing. 

I concluded that my time with my DK had been a little hampered by my lack of really reading into her abilities, combined with being so integrated into the hotkey mashing style of World of Warcraft (and plenty other MMOS) that I was forgetting about her other skills that are not initially bound to keys (they can be though if you choose to play that way). 

I also came to the realization that my assessment of her abilities all feeling similar was only half true. This only applies to her abilities that use the Kriegsmesser longsword. They’re just slices and dices that all look about the same to me. However, she’s got a whole set of abilities that all do look different from each other and only one or two actually involve using/swinging the huge thing. 

Corrupt Ground (Shift+Q) is a magnificent AOE skill on a 30 sec CD which involves her channeling dark energy into herself then pounding the ground with it to affect enemies in close proximity and refunds energy. It’s an ability that looks cool. Unveiled Dagger (Shift+F) into Hidden Strike (F after Unvieled Dagger) is a wonderful gap closer into AOE combo with a short CD that is a rush towards a mob with the hilt of your sword then a quick follow up elbow that you find yourself using a lot. Then there’s Air Strike (W+F) which, much like Unveiled Dagger, is a gap closer than consists of a teleport forward followed by an upward slash then downward slash. Also an ability I find myself using a lot. It’s brutal looking and hits hard.

That’s when I read about the potentially unintended mobility of a Dark Knight. She has an evasion skilled called Dusk that is essentially a teleport/dodge skill on a 2 second CD. The key though is disabling the Dusk follow up called…Evasion. This ability if triggered has a lengthy animation compared to Dusk, as it’s essentially a barrel roll where your DK has to stand up to complete the animation, effectively wasting your time. Disable Evasion because it will only get in your way. And when you max out the Dusk ability you can do two in a row. She’s also got another gap closer called Smoky Haze (Shift + W) which is a quick teleport forward (also the base of another combo, but that’s irrelevant for the point I’m trying to make) also on a 2 second CD. You interchange Smoky Haze and Dusk with each other and you’re effectively zipping around getting from point A to point B in the blink (get it WoW Mages?) of an eye. 

The point of all of this is that my initial assessment of the Dark Knight was done on my opening impressions of the class, with not much outside research being done and potentially tainted by the fact I was coming off playing a Sorceress. As I read more about her skills and started to get a better feel for what to use and what not to use and going off of tips written up by people who had put much more time into the class than I had, I came to realize that the Dark Knight may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when played well with a better understanding of the class can be an extremely enjoyable experience. 

Her awakening has yet to hit the US, but after watching a few videos from the Korean servers, I’m still as intrigued as I was before. It looks flashy (which helps to hold my attention) and even more magic based, which is pretty cool and much more interesting and entertaining to me than just hurling a huge sword around, which is what I was afraid the class would be and where some of my initial reservations stemmed from. I’m 100% willing to keep leveling her to give her a real chance to form my opinions, but she’s looking like a good contender for a really fun class to play in the long run.


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