Elemental Shaman UI

Still a WIP, this is my Elemental Shaman UI. The Weak Auras layout I pretty much jacked off a YouTuber and edited it to my liking. Probably will make the buttons even smaller. … More Elemental Shaman UI

Trials of a Shaman

As I said in an earlier post about Altaholism, Shaman is really the one class on WoW I had yet to dip my feet into. It wasn’t that it didn’t appeal to me, it had more to do with my early experiences of trying one out years ago. I used to run with a now ex friend of mine, the guy who got me playing WoW in the first place. I was getting bored with my Rogue and wanted to try something new. He suggested a Shaman (probably because he wanted to run with a pocket healer to help him when he needed it) and I tried it out. … More Trials of a Shaman