My Gender Accurate Experiment

A few days ago I wrote about being male and playing female characters. I decided after posting that to try to challenge myself to create a male character. It’s been an interesting experience so far.

I had a level 100 boost to use, so I made a male blood elf priest and boosted him. I chose a male blood elf because, quite frankly, despite being a fantasy game I can’t bring myself to play characters that don’t appear predominately humanoid. I just can’t. I tried a male troll. Couldn’t do it. I tried a male Tauren, nope. I tried undead – absolutely horrid. Plus, I had an idea in my head. I named him “Đoctor,” and he would be a discipline priest- capable of wrecking havoc if he needed to, but also with a decent set of healing capabilities. Of course, my inspiration was Doctor Who (specifically David Tennant’s Doctor). … More My Gender Accurate Experiment


Gender Bending & Video Games

There’s something I have to explain before I begin. I am a gamer who is extremely focused on aesthetics. Those small little touches that make a game look great and really pull you into the world, those are what I zone in on most. It’s these little details that make my gaming experience so much better, and sometimes are what really make my opinions differ from my friends and peers.

This is pushed to a new level when I am allowed to create a character. “Oh awesome!” I always think to myself; creating a character does a few things for me – it allows me to create something that makes my experience of a game unique from anyone else’s, and also panders to my borderline-too-critical-eye for details. There are times where I spend hours in a character creator before I even start the game itself. … More Gender Bending & Video Games